Friends at the Range

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Me shooting a black powder rifleDix shooting Humble's SKSFlyer shooting Humble's SKSHumble's son Michael shooting my AR15Donna shooting her Glock with a 29 round magazine

Me shooting the 13th round fired from COB's M1COB's M1 blew up in my handsCOB's M1 blew up in my handsMy hand after COB's M1 blew upMe shooting my Glock later that same day

Humble and my daughter Rebecca shooting his SKSUs at the RangeTodd shooting Humble's SKSHumblegunner shooting COB's .40cal SigAntivenom shooting my AR15

Me shooting COB's H&KMy son Tommy and I shooting Humble's SKSAntivenom and COBMy son Tommy and daughter RebeccaAntivenom and Dix

Dix and Humblegunner with COB's H&KHumblegunner's incredibly ugly mug!!The AL CLAYDA army coming to do battleAntivenom and COBMy son Tommy shooting Humble's SKS

Rebecca shooting my Glock 27Tommy shooting my Glock 27Me and my Brit buddy JohnMy wife Donna and daughter RebeccaAntivenom, COB and Humblegunner

Me shooting my Glock 27 at the 50 yard RangeRebecca displays her attitude


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