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Tom Delay (US House Majority Leader)Kevin Brady (US House Deputy Majority Whip)Michael Berry - The Next Mayor of HoustonAhmad Hassam immigrated (legally) to this country 24 years ago

Kevin Black - Country Western Singer and brother of Clint BlackKevin Black - Country Western Singer and brother of Clint BlackPat Gray - 950 KPRC 5am to 9amChris Baker - 950 KPRC 2pm to 6amDan Pastorini - Ex-Houston Oiler Quarterback

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After Action Report - Rally For America, Houston, TX (1 March 2003)
Posted on 03/01/2003 7:37 PM CST by PetroniDE

It seems a lot of people, Freepers and just ordinary Americans alike, are sick and tired of the lies and propaganda that the anti-American crowd has been forcing down the throats of the American people. In a rally earlier today at Jones Plaza, located in downtown Houston, TX, a crowd estimated at over 10,000 people showed their appreciation for their President, their freedom, and the brave people (i.e. the military) that protect it.

Before I begin the rally recap, special kudos to talk radio station KPRC (950-AM) for organizing and sponsoring this rally; in less than two weeks, they lined up speakers and musical entertainment, while dealing with all the messy logistics that a successful rally requires. Another person who also gets kudos is Glenn Beck, who was in San Antonio earlier today for a similar event. KPRC carries his radio show and it was his rally in San Antonio that prompted KPRC to do the rally today.

It was a beautiful day for a rally with cloudy skies (no rain) and temperatures in the mid-60’s. The noon start time didn’t deter one Freeper (PetroniDE) from doing a Sheila Jackson-Lee imitation. He arrived at 8:00 am to put together the large “We Support Our Troops” banner in a strategic location (he also nearly performed a Ted Kennedy imitation since he was driving the wrong way down several streets; he is a Yankee; lucky he knows how to drive at all). Vintage military vehicles on display for the rally arrived at about 9:00 am and some time was spent on the balcony of Jones Plaza with the large banner on display for passing motorists.

The massive crowd began to arrive around 10:00 am. Some assistance was provided regarding building of the large balloon rainbow. Jones Plaza was basically completely filled by 11:30 am. Several people with large signs began walking around Jones Plaza in circular formation; by then a few other Freepers had arrived and joined in this makeshift parade. Anyone in Jones Plaza by 11:30 saw the banner, and the FreeRepublic and HoustonLiberty signs below it.

A sampling of other signs spotted at the rally. Some humorous, some with more serious themes.
- God Bless America. Thank God Al Gore is Not President.
- Martin Sheen: You are NOT President, You Only Play One on TV.
- Texas Terrorist Hunting Permit; No Bag Limit; No Tagging Required.
- We Have Nothing to Fear, Except Fear Itself, FDR, 1941; Let’s Roll, Todd Beamer, 2001.
- Liberate Iraq, Just Like We Did France.
- Babes Back Bush
- Numerous people showed up who have family members in the military and are currently stationed overseas; most of them had photos of the loved ones in uniform.

The following people gave speeches.
Pegi Ivancevich (Regent, Daughters of the American Revolution, San Jacinto Chapter)
Dan Pastorini (Former Houston Oilers Quarterback)
USAF Retired Major Ellis Buchanan (Formerly of NATO Command). During his speech, there were three flyovers by retired Air Force personnel. Michael Berry (Houston City Council). Kudos to him for voting against the anti-war resolution in Houston City Council earlier this week.
Kevin Brady (US House Deputy Majority Whip)
Tom Delay (US House Majority Leader)

Two other people gave speeches at the rally. In a major surprise, U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee made an appearance and gave a speech. The crowd response was mixed (some polite cheers and some boos), but considering that the crowd was nearly all conservatives, this was a polite response. KPRC stated up-front that this was a pro-America rally and politicians from both parties would be invited to speak (trying getting that from the other side). The other surprise speaker was Ahmad Hassam, a personal friend of moderator Chris Baker, who immigrated (legally) to this country 24 years ago and is grateful to today call himself a citizen of the U.S.A.

One funny moment at the rally involved musical artist Kevin Black. Twice while playing his first song, the speaker system went out, just as he was hitting the song’s highest note. System went out at the exact same moment both times.

The Houston Police Department estimated that about 10,000 people attended the rally in support for America. However, the anti-American crowd tried to make their presence felt; a grand total of 6 (five on one hand plus one on the other for the liberals reading this) arrived to counter the rally. One Freeper (Ron H.) confronted them and essentially told them to “stick it”.

After the two-hour rally, local radio talk show host Pat Gray posed for a picture with our banner. Several Freepers, including Humblegunner, Flyer, Eaker, and RetiredAFWarrior had cameras and took some excellent pictures. Afterwards, most of the Freepers stopped by Griff’s for some post-rally celebration.


List of Freepers Attending Rally

Action-America, Allegra, Anymouse, Bobbyd, BuffyT, Carlo3b, Dix, Eaker, Flyer, Houmatt, Humblegunner, Humidston, IamRight, Janette, OllieMB. PetroniDE, Rejoyce, RetiredAFWarrior. RikaStrom, Ron H., TxLady, Xenalyte, Zboa and 10,000 of our closest friends.


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