From a Father to New Son-in-Law

(this E-mail was sent by a FReeper to his new Son-In-Law)

I just now sent the following e-mail to my future son in law. Tell me what you think.

From your future Father in Law (step) I have a serious topic I need to discuss with you. So serious it kept me up all night the other night. I can't even talk to HER about it for a couple of reasons. In some cases she has a serious case of "OSTRICH" mentality. She refuses to think of things that could be negative or dangerous. She refuses sometimes to think of her own safety...believing, I think, that if she ignores it...the danger will just "go away."

Well, when she was living at home, that was fine...I was in charge of protecting "my little girl." Now...I can't DO that anymore. She is a grown woman and she has found the man of her dreams...and now somebody else in in charge of protecting "my little girl." YOU.

I have to depend on you...between us MEN, to protect her. With your own life if need be. Just as I would if the situation required it. Are you man enough to shoulder this responsibility? It's a rhetorical question, son. I KNOW YOU ARE.

We are in a de facto state of war. In fact, we are down points since blood has been spilled on our own soil. When this thing hits Iraq, the government seems to think it will be a foregone conclusion that we'll be hit again and BADLY. It could make 9-11 look like a walk in the park. We are all in a target zone. I hope it's Miami rather than Orlando. WE have been doing some planning and are ready to handle it as best we can. We feel better US than Y'all.

What I'm getting at is that like have to make a SECURITY PLAN for the two of you. Have a place to meet....if possible, get to FAMILY who live in ____________ (we'll get you their info and yours to them). TRUST HIM he's tough and smart and streetwise. IF possible caravan with them to _______. Be sure to plan a route that does NOT make use of the interstate it could be clogged (watch that movie DEEP IMPACT). Get a GOOD map and then actually drive it as far as you can to make sure streets actually go where you want...make it a weekend adventure with HER.

NEXT both of you should pack a "BUG OUT BAG" with important items you'll need. Paperwork, like bank info. Clothes, camping food, and WATER. Enough for BOTH of you in each bag. Each of you should keep the bag in your own car. That way if you're forced to leave a're still covered.

Speaking of being covered. IF the balloon goes up, the first thing to go will be government control and that means the cops will be out of the loop. The bad guys all know this. I saw it first hand after Hurricane Andrew. Before the winds had even slowed down the looters were pillaging. On those secondary roads may lurk the bad guys. They used to be called "HIGHWAY-MEN" and I think the term is still appropriate. They will almost certainly be armed. If you're're DEAD. Their targets will be the vehicle, stuff and....HER. You'll be killed out of hand, regardless of whether you just give 'em what they want or not. SHE will be killed too...but not right away.


SHE has a .357 magnum and she knows how to use it. I have it here for her. I need to re-train her but she'll be fine. IF you want it I will lend you one of my 9mm semi auto handguns to assist you and I'll give you a fast "point and shoot" class. I recommend this for a couple of reasons. You don't want to force HER into that role. Her gun should cover your back....she should not be the primary line of defense. ALSO this should be a guy thing...not a gal thing. When the life of the person he loves is on the line for real...I would hope that he can be ruthless if need be. I'm not sure SHE could do that and I'd hate to find out the hard way.

PROTECT HER. THAT'S YOUR JOB! Are we clear on this?

I know that this stuff makes you nervous. You're just over 21 and you don't have a degree from the school of hard knocks, yet. But the state of the world will not allow for any tolerances or forgiveness if you make a mistake here.

WE are prepared to drive up there and deliver the stuff in a lockbox so your roomates need not worry but you should NOT inform them that you are armed. We will bring the guns, lockbox, spare speed-loaders for the .357 and spare magazines for the Beretta and LOTS of ammo for both weapons.

I realize this makes you nervous. That's okay. It's normal. BUT ACT.......and be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE.

This is an awesome responsibility and I don't offer it lightly. But these are....extraordinary times. Later on, I'll get you the paperwork for a real concealed weapons permit for both you and SHE. If it's an emergency I wouldn't worry about it. I'd say you need to get started on this stuff as soon as possible...time might be running out. Let us know about the guns and a trip. It's important.

No, it's more than important. It's life and death. Take care and get back to me. SOON.

8 posted on 02/13/2003 6:28 PM CST by ExSoldier


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