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Operation Infinite FReep - After Action Report - Houston, TX (15 Feb 2003)
Posted on 02/15/2003 9:08 PM CST by PetroniDE

Iraq will not disarm unless forced and the United Nations will not enforce its own resolutions. Since Iraq will not disarm voluntarily, it is now up to the United States and the "coalition of the willing" to disarm Iraq. Despite overwhelming evidence that Saddam Hussein will not voluntarily disarm, large groups of "anti-Americans" demonstrated throughout the world against the United States. One of these protests occurred in Houston, TX.

Despite threatening weather early, the skies cleared by noon and the "anti-war" protest occurred under sunny skies with temperature around 70 degrees. The "anti-American" gathering was huge (about 3000-4000). About 40 groups, covering a wide range of democrat, socialists, communist, environmentalist, and “anti-GOP/Bush” groups sponsored the gathering. Despite the high turnout, there was a group of twelve people (*) from www.FreeRepublic.com who were not intimidated by the large "anti-American" gathering. With the Freepers positioning themselves at the park entrance, the "anti-Americans" were required to march no more than 4 or 5 abreast past our group to attend their rally. Traffic was light in the area, but our signs were greeted by the usual honks of encouragement.

(*) Allegra, Chris, Christopher, Dix (in spirit), Eaker, Flyer, Humblegunner, Jay, Liberal Classic, PetroniDE, Ron H., and Xenalyte


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